WWP413-4400. Dip the clear wand end of the drain into your spa, shake it and the water comes pouring out through the discharge hose. 5, Turn valve on hot tub to release the water from the hot tub. We're here for you. Got a Question? Some inflatable hot tubs will come with an attached hose that you can use to drain the water out of the tub and into a drain. $89.99 View Item Pentair - Hose with Qk.Connect F/Ta40D. Free hot tub delivery in USA. FREE Shipping on orders $35+ Menu. Okanagan 10-jet 4-Person Hot Tub. Once you’ve inserted the hose to your hot tub, open the drain valve in your Intex hot tub to start draining the water. Some hot tubs have an interior drain valve located underneath the spa cabinet. Shop hot tub plumbing fittings and components for your Hot Spring spa including drain valves, clamp rings, screens, and more. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Spa and Hot Tub parts. WWP413-4410. The Drain Hose Adapter allows you to connect your garden hose to the spa (please note this item does not work with portable spas) It might take a while for the water to drain, usually it will take two to 3 hours to drain the whole hot tub completely. Hot Tub Works is your best source for Spa Hoses & Tubing with the widest selection and best service. Many spa manufacturers provide a gravity drain or hose bib to allow the hot tub owner to connect a garden hose and let the water run out by the force of gravity. Waterway Drain Valve 400-2060 Description: 1/2" Slip x Garden Hose Adapter On / Off Valve 1" diameter, has to be installed into to existing drain line in hot tub. Turn the pump on and let the spa drain. Our Price: Log in for price. waterway hot tub suctions and drain assemblies and fittings for all hot tubs and spas. Using the garden hose – some hot tubs don’t have their own drainage hose attached. 877-MYHOTTUB (877.694.6888) Email Us. 3/4" Male adapter for Garden Hose - Used on Drain Valve. You will, therefore, need to use your own standard garden hose to remove the water from inside the hot tub. Whether you need to drain your hot tub regularly or have problems with water in your basement, the Wayne WWB WaterBUG is just what you need. Highlights. Using submersible pumps – you can alternatively use a submersible pump to easily and quickly drain the hot tub. If the drain or sewer is situated farther away, attach a garden hose to the spigot, position the other end of the hose over the drain, and open the valve. ... Pacific Echo - Flex PVC Hose, 1/2 inch (ID), 7/8 inch (OD) 4.1 out of 5 Customer Rating. spa in just 30 minutes. Link between drain and hose pipe. This will be able to drain out the water. This is a powerful submersible pump which comes with a versatile Multi-Flo technology that will certainly help you choose the right discharge application for a … 4.6 out of 5 stars 164. hot tub suctions and drains at discounted prices. Featuring a full line of hot tub chemicals and parts for top spa brands including Caldera, Hot Spring, Solana, Free Flow, Tiger River and more. waterway hot tub suctions and drain assemblies and fittings for all hot tubs and spas. Locate the hose adapter and thread on to your garden hose. You can drain these types of tubs by attaching a regular garden hose. The Drain Hose Adapter allows you to connect your garden hose to the spa. Welcome to Hot Tub Outpost! Equipment such as the pump(s) and heater will drain. 400 WATT MOTOR - Rated at horsepower, this transfer pump drains a hot tub in minutes. Draining a spa is necessary to clean the tub or winterize the unit. Hose Adapter for Drain Valve SKU: SPA/WW413-4410. HOSE BIB ADAPTER - 3/4 INCH x HOSE BARB. Colour: Black with white nut; Made in the USA by Waterway Plastics; Waterway part # 640-2001; A replacement for part 602-8060 × × But the downside of using a garden hose to drain water is that it’s too time-consuming and can take up to an hour. This item Hot Tub Suppliers Elix Hose Adapter for Hot Tubs & Spas GARDENA Tap Connector 33.3 mm (G 1 Inch): Connection for threaded taps, waterproof hose connection, easy to use, packaged (18202-20) Hozelock 1" 33.3mm Outdoor Threaded Tap Connector Try our easy online parts finder – we have the lowest prices around! 1, Remove drain cap on side of hot tub; 2, Pull out drain nozzle from hot tub ; 3, Fit drain adapter to nozzle by screwing on; 4, Attach hose pipe to other size of adapter. Simply attach the hose to the pool and drain. On sale from £4,499 Sale View. Ecommerce Software by Shopify. The drain is powered by simple siphon action and will drain 10 to 12 gal. Crimp the hose if the faucet is higher than the hot tub and take the end of the hose to the lowest place in your yard, allowing the water to pour by gravity from the hose. Instead, run your hose or drain well away from grass or vegetation and also away from the foundation supporting the hot tub. We are the largest authorized dealer of Hot Spring Parts and supplies. You may also like. Full Product Warranty 1 Year warranty on everything. Part Number(s): 360-0213. Remove the drain plug, and thread in the adapter. An ideal replacement if you have lost or damaged the drain … Step 3 Go back to the hot tub and make sure the hose stays at the bottom of the tub as the water level drops. Hot Spring Spas 30592 Drain Valve, Hose Shut-Off . Kelowna 21-jet 4-Person Hot Tub. Payment icons Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. 13' MacKenzie Swim Spa ... Worldwide Hot Tub Supplier & Hot Tub Manufacturer, Providing Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Outdoor Furniture and Saunas to major retailers near you. 4. When the hot tub is empty, turn off the pump, remove it from the spa, detach the hose, and return it to storage. The water pressure in the hot tub essentially pushes the water out the hose, because the open end of the hose is lower than the level of the water in the hot tub. Cancel. On sale from £3,295 Sale View. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Waterway 90 degree PVC 1/2" Street Elbow 409-005 for the repair of hot tub pipe and hose connections. Easy to use; Compatible Models. This plug allows for a gravitational flow of water that does not require the use of a pump. 1" Replacement drain valve for hot tub. 90 days return policy! If your pump’s outflow hose isn’t long enough to reach a drain, connect it to a garden hose. Spa & Hot Tub Drain Off Hose Adapter. But that’s just the beginning of proper hot tub drainage. Arctic spas have a fairly easy draining process that involves connecting a hose to a drain plug. These types of gravity drains are also found mounted to the exterior of some spas. Adapter, Drain Plug, Sundance / Jacuzzi, 1/4"MPT x 3/8"RB, Stainless Steel, Less O-Ring 6540-263 ... Order Hot Tub Parts by Phone Call us now - 01342 717982. This is usually located on the bottom inside your hot tub. HOSE BIB ADAPTER - 1/2 INCH X HOSE BARB. Sale. High Pressure Spa Tubing Hose - All Sizes, By the Foot or Rolls. Suitable for all hot tub models. Shop Hot Tub Spa Supplies today!