took good but excess steps. Good to read your posts again! I saw on TV about how groceries and emergency goods like flashlights etc were flying off the shelves :(. Email This BlogThis! Glad you have a nanny to help, wish I had one when my kids were young, had "baby blues" for a while after Trisha was born and we were so alone in UK with Arvind busy doing residency and with just stipend as income. M a big khichri fan and so is hubby- luckily we both love to sit back with a bowl of steaming hot khichdi. Ami shob torkari ar dal ekshonge kore ekta Dalna kore di.Ruti / bhaat er songe hoye jaye.:-). I can imagine how much quicker it must be for you with so many people at home. Find out more on how he goes about it by clicking here Sounds good and I hope it is. Will be happy to have it there:), Sandeepa, a post with some more info on the Famous Five - TWC - I know! Ami ilish peye e khichuri baniyechilam ... tomar moshla ta darun innovative toh! lemme give this a shot! Healthy Vegetable Khichdi By Epic Bong Kitchen | khichdi recipe | Winter special healthy vegetable khichdi in pressure cooker | khichuri recipe bengali Thanks for watching my video. Jump to. A comfort food which you made it look scrumptious and delightful too. Chanced upon it while looking for the recepie for aloo dum one day. Oct 28, 2014 - Bengali Food, Indian Food, Bengali Recipes.Ilish to Chingri, Ghonto to Posto, Maacher Jhol, Mangshor Jhol, Chhanar Dalna, Shukto . I can do with some paneer kichdi....does make the simple kichdi sound so exotic! Well of course 'S' is exempt. I said I would be glad to have you over at FIC, and missed - bad bad event organiser:( SORRY! Your bhuni khichri version is definitely a step up from the usual, Was hoping for a different part of the country this time but looks like it will back to good old NJ :) Nov-Dec timeframe, tentatively. Log In. I love cauliflowers, potatoes in my khichuri. Slid in the thawed fish (excellent stuff from Poonam) after smearing it with red chilli powder, turmeric and salt first. but later it was dreadful. And actually Bridgewater had less of the storm than our area as per a friend who lives there. Taking this a step further, Rajni now talks about being original and how it pays in the long run. See more of Bong Mom's CookBook on Facebook. i hope this time u didnt have it that bad! Paneer Khichuri looks great! If you are busy or lazy (as in my case), you don't need to fry/pre-cook the veggies. Hey Sandeepa, Can you post a recipe for 'puli'? Ei tomar abar hurricane ki, eta amder ekkkebare east coast isspecial, Kalke Buddhadeb Guha'r Charaibeti shesh kore phiriye dilam ... ar aaj Rijuda'r horiner mangsho pore mone holo tomar oi darun khichuri tar shonge ektu kosha kosha mangsho holey o khub jomto. Or maybe a number of jigs. Mainly a collection of Bengali Recipes with other kinds thrown in, in good measure. Happy New Year! I have never had this, but then i think i have not had lot of indian food. As kids it was fun because no studies etc. Paneer Khichuri, well who can say no to that. ), it is now getting a tad rough on me too. And am loving every moment reading it as I do when I read her blog posts. Create New Account. Deleted my comment, didn't want it to be construed as insensitive. A Snapshot of Bengali Cuisine View my complete profile I dont make any resolutions because i cant stick to them. From kolmi shaak (water spinach) to kochu (colocasia greens) and pui (Malabar spinach), these shaaks are tossed simply with paanch phoron, garlic and dried red chillies and served with a steaming bowl of khichuri. I dont think I can manage to make it. Bong Mom April 08, 2008 3:46 PM. I am glad yo have a bit of help now. The fluffy khichuri which is also called ‘Bhuna khichuri’ is made on occasions like puja for offering or ‘Bhog’, as lunch on a special day . Thanks for your Comments. What lovely spice mix and love the 'Bhuni' twist to the khichdi! More restrictions this year, hope it works too! I love paneer and love kichidi - and together this must be delish! I was going to say that the pic reminded me of a less runny BBB :) I liked your Bong twist to the masala.Glad you guys are ok, after Irene. ;) Kudos to you for not only thinking of, but implementing a cook-ahead menu plan! Mail you soonAditiI very well remember long power cuts, Calcutta and outside of it. :)Khichudi looks yum, Paneer adds some calcium. Congratulations on your lil one, Sandeepa!!! Great to have you back blogging, Sandeepa, enjoyed reading the post. Hi Sandeepa di,I simply love reading your blog..been almost a year since I bumped into it have got kind of addicted to it :) Whenever I feel homesick or crave for bong food (have been married for a year in Bangalore) I look up your blog for your recipes and the tiny chit chats you temper them with :) and believe me..they make me really happy and hungry as well..:)Please keep your blog. Me again! Posted by Bong Mom at 7/28/2020 01:58:00 PM 2 comments: Links to this post. - Fatherhood! Bong Mom Predominantly a Bong, who loves being a Mom and loves to cook among other things for the li'l one and the big ones.She loves to write too and you will find her food spiced up with stories. Mar 7, 2013 - Bhoger Khichuri, Bhaaja Moog Dal er khichuri, khichdi, Anarosher Chaatni More information Bong Mom's CookBook: Bhoger Khichuri and Anarosher (cauliflower and potato dish) Blog Contents and Pictures (c)2006 BongCookBook. All Pictures and Contents in this Blog are solely © BongCookBook. This recipe for labra by Sandeepa Mukherjee Datta, author of Bong Mom’s Cookbook is adapted for the modern kitchen. There would be no trace of onion / garlic in this recipe. You write so well and I love the humour in your post.Will try your khichuri soon. I have grown up with this Lokkhi pujo done in a grand scale at my grandmother's home and then my parents. Several hundred Blogs are already membersand benefit from their exposure on A Snapshot of Bengali Cuisine View my complete profile Kudos to you for posting, although you are so busy. Keep writing whenever you can.:). :-). Nov 14, 2018 - Bengali Food, Indian Food, Bengali Recipes.Ilish to Chingri, Ghonto to Posto, Maacher Jhol, Mangshor Jhol, Chhanar Dalna, Shukto Long time! Khichdi is one of my fav...Adding Paneer is a good twist!! Some finely chopped onion and ginger and a green chilli. Powered by. Mainly a collection of Bengali Recipes with other kinds thrown in, in good measure. Hello,We bumped into your blog and we really liked it - great recipes YUM YUM.We would like to add it to the Sandeepa, very new kind and lovely combination. Reply. :)Take care and looking forward to some mroe yummy recipes this year! Rijuda o last porechi anek kal age :) Ekhon Lila Majumdar roj du pata kore porchi :)Kal bhabchi Ilish anbo.TRayHa, ha, amrao brishtir agei khichuri khelam :-D. My pleasureSharmileeThank YouPriyaThanks dearNotyetYou should try it, VaniIf I may be totally honest I like BBB a tad bit more :) OMG that is terrible. Log In. #Khichuri #BhogerKhichuri #Rice #Lentils I made a very healthy Khichuri bhog today for Lokkhi Thakur. To add your site to the Petitchef family you can use or just go to and click on "Add your site" Best regards, Hi I found this cool recipe for Artichoke-scrambled Eggs Benedict. I hope you will be nice and not Spam. Maybe the 'micro' menu plan needs to be 'macro-sized'! And by hook or crook to reserve most of the fruits hectic cooking for weekday conservation is challenging.About Big S, ... she is a big sister,now, may be this was one of the ways to declare independence. Reply Delete. Anything that makes life least for me.deesha -- Thank UBWM -- I have shifted "gathering food" to midweek, to help keep my weeend mornings free.Jaya -- Cook na korle khabo ki....bairer khabar khaoa jay na shob shomoySoma -- thank youAnjali -- Liked your khichdi too and thank you :)SunshineMom -- :)Mystic -- yeah I miss my Mom :( I too make lottttts of Dal and always freeze a portion of it.Jyo -- right, paneer does give khichdi some status :)Shantanu -- Ooohhh, thanks :)Shreya -- Your daughter is a cutie. The runny khichuri which we call ‘Patla khichuri’ will be made on a rainy day and days when my ma is not in a mood to cook something nicer. Recipe sounds lovely. Pretty much in the same boat as you -returning to work after a long time and there is a little one to look after. And I love paneer -- paneer makes anything better that's my motto ;)Never made khichdi with whole urad... but first I have to get me some paneer... :):)Dear Sandeepa, Happy New Year to you all! Well it has been almost ten days into the New Year and I have no plans or Resolutions. But then I get tired of my own cooking :( and dont feel like having the same thing for 3 days at a stretch! When i make some plans for food it never turn to be going the way i planned.Kitchuri looks yummm. And khichuri is a medley of aromatic rice and mung dal cooked to perfection with addition of cauliflower and peas. Good that u take everything positively! Always nice reading your posts. :). Feb 4, 2015 - Bengali Food, Indian Food, Bengali Recipes.Ilish to Chingri, Ghonto to Posto, Maacher Jhol, Mangshor Jhol, Chhanar Dalna, Shukto MeetaThanks. This continues to be a great blog for creative and original Bong recipes. Paneer Khichuri. Sign Up. Glad to see you back! Mainly a collection of Bengali Recipes with other kinds thrown in, in good measure. I could never be so disciplined.I love khichdi -- one of the few homemade staples I've made over the past weeks.