The CPU fan is PWM and can change speed, but the case fan is not PWM, and can only run at one speed unless you install a fan controller. HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems main health sensors : voltages, temperatures, fans speed. Views: 3 Martin HWiNFO Author. Staff member. I saw a lot of different solutions but they are related to a specific model so i don't know if they apply to my laptop. Page 27 of Z87X-OC manual gives fan header pin-out. What can i do to fix this ? The program handles the most common sensor chips, like ITE® IT87 series, most Winbond® ICs, and others. To follow the HWMonitor Guide below you will of course need a working hackintosh and a Clover EFI. Hi, Recently my built in cpu fan in my Acer Aspire V3-531G started being very loud and pretty much shaking my laptop when running,so i decided to check out the rpm with SpeedFan.But it couldnt detect any fans,so i tried HWMonitor;same thing here,no fan detected. It clearly shows only CPU_FAN has pin 4 with speed control (PWM) SYS_FAN 1/2/3/4 show pin 4 as VCC. In addition, it can read modern CPUs on-die core thermal sensors, as well has hard drives temperature via S.M.A.R.T, and video card GPU temperature. Set custom fan speed 1. Not sure what Giganbyte's meaning is, but I doubt it is PWM SYS_FAN 5/6 do not have pin 3 RPM sensor function. Speed: Monitor the fanspeeds of your CPU Cooloer, Case Fans & GPU of your CPU, GPU and Case Fans. VCC used to mean Voltage at a Common Connector. Hence this is all about the SpeedFan software to control the fan speed on the computer, you can check out more details about the program and also download the software on the official site visit: SpeedFan Software Fan Controller.. 2: Open Hardware Monitor. Then I got curious about at what rpm are my fans spinning and wanted to check it out, I installed hwmonitor and got a little bit suprised. My system has 5 running fans, two exhaust on the top left, a 120mm radiator on the front with push pull as an intake so two fans there and another fan below the radiator as an intake too. There are no real options as such, apart from a function to save monitoring or SMBus data to a text file. As for the number of fans that show up in HWMonitor, your motherboard can support 4 fans (CPU fan and 3 case fans). CPU fan speed control with SpeedFan. This is another powerful software to change fan speed Windows 10. Power : The Voltages being generated right now by your components. HWMonitor has had 0 updates within the past 6 months. HWMonitor. Made by CPUID who are also responsible for CPU-Z and PC Wizard, HWMonitor is a great tool for displaying the majority of your systems temperatures, fan speeds and voltages. Setting the speed too low, or too high might damage your system, or cause it to use more power than it normally does. Hi, as per topic HWmonitor app doesn't read my fan speed. Jun 11, 2015 #2 It’s a pretty great app but in some cases your system’s fans may not show up in the Fan tab. Examples of these programs are HWMonitor, ... which shows the load, temperature, clock speed and cooler fan speed. The go-to app for setting a custom fan speed on Windows 10 is SpeedFan. After i istalled HWMonitor plugins i'm able to see CPU temperature and CPU Cores Frequences but no fan speed. Download HWMonitor for Windows to monitor the main health sensors of your PC, such as temperature, voltages, and fan speed.