Next up was the clear soup with deep-fried sea bream and shredded vegetables. I arrived at Terminal 1 at 1:30 pm, completed check-in security screenings, and seated myself in the ANA first lounge for my lunch meal at 2:00 pm. Does the larger lavatory still have the drop down “shelf” just above the floor to stand on so you can avoid standing on the lavatory floor while changing into/out of the pj’s? Thinking about trying this at home. It’s by no means revolutionary, but it’s incredibly well designed, and they’ve addressed all of the issues I had with their old seats, from the slow Wi-Fi to the poorly designed “cubicle” design. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. All Nippon Airways departure gate London Heathrow. Your email address will not be published. Guess you gotta check out Starlux first before you rank, though I’m guessing Starlux (given its A321neo seating configuration) won’t make the list. One other cool feature of the plane that I hadn’t realized up until this point — the plane has a nose camera that shows the altitude and speed. © 2020 LOHAS REWARDS MEDIA, INC & CHINOS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The wooden design was looking clean and relaxing, while seats were big and comfortable, as it shall be in First Class cabins. ANA first easily bests JAL. I’m flying J in 3 weeks (Friday 4 pm departure) and F is still available . For one, ANA’s new first class suite is top notch. for all you Whiskey drinkers, according to ANA beverage list, Hibiki 21 is only available on TYO to JFK, FRA, LHR routes. To the front left of the seat was an enclosed storage compartment. ANA first class reviews emphasized just how incredible the food, drink, and service on ANA are, with the airline being compared to being equivalent to a fine-dining restaurant … Food, drink, bedding, and service all scored in the superb range. I realize a lot of people prefer hard beds, so it would be nice if they provided the option of whether you wanted a hard or soft mattress pad, just as Japan Airlines does. All Nippon Airways is in the Star Alliance, so there are plenty of options for redeeming miles for them, assuming you can find award availability. London (LHR) – Tokyo (HND) I can’t believe they provide such expensive products in an amenity kit hah. Flying ANA F from ORD in November. The reason I flew to Tokyo twice on this trip is because ANA has significantly more first & business class award availability to Tokyo than from Tokyo, so this was the only way I could redeem miles for both experiences on one trip. I was so hungry that I ordered four dishes, including udon noodle soup, ochazuke (fish rice with tea soup), cabbage roll, and matcha dessert set. Caviar to start and then the Japanese service. Yay for Krug…who needs the stinking whisky?! Amenities were just okay, and I thought it was a little odd that the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer was replaced with a sort of regular Panasonic one. Yes please! The essential question is whether the hard product in F substantially better than J to justify the increase in miles? Is this your first time having the Japanese menu on either ANA or JAL? ( Credit: ANA, Airbus) ANA has a superb first class product, with reviewers unanimously reporting positive, memorable flight experiences. I purchased The Ginza skincare set and a roll-on essential oil set, reason being that I get 10% off on all in-flight purchases with my ANA credit card (Issuer JCB in Japan). Jay – 11 months out on some crap day of the week. Sorry. There was also some more storage in this area. that’s amazing, one of my favorite shows….can you start a blog just about that show??? I my experience, better than SQ New suites. Period. Then there were a pair of pajamas, a cardigan, and slippers. Review: ANA First Class, Houston – Tokyo. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And the cash price is astronomical, how are the chances at buying business and upgrading with miles? Looking forward to the 2020 edition of your top business class and first class products! The service, seats, food, and drinks all far exceeded our expectations. It’s time to finish up this Japan trip report, because I’m doing an insane amount of flying this week that I want to start writing about. I continued with champagne, as they were serving Krug Grande Cuvee. The chief purser told me the flight time would be about 11 hours. I was required to book a round trip since ANA doesn’t allow one way award tickets, but redeeming an award ticket with Virgin Atlantic for a seat in the brand new ANA first class is a total steal — 120,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles plus $230 tax when the actual price runs at around $20,000 for flying between Tokyo and New York! @Zymm I saw that too, maybe he meant capri’s? Doesn’t seem like Lucky is a big whisky drinker, so I guess he’ll never enjoy the real star of the flight, the Hibiki 21. Leaving Tokyo, it starts out as a 4km bridge than becomes a 10 km tunnel. Questions is, what stops the US carriers offering such exquisiteness and royalty to F and J class fliers in terms of comfort, food, drinks, features, amenities etc. There were 3 different flight attendants working our side of the plane and each of them was polite and attentive. If you earn Virgin Atlantic miles through the rewards program, definitely consider saving those miles for ANA’s THE Suite as it is a must-try experience! @Ben both the photos you were wondering about show parts of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line: Can anyone identify the below airport? To be fair, our flights on ANA are the only flights that we have done in first class. my old F flight in november had some kind of pad. Ben – did they keep the lights on maximum setting like they did in Business? The structure is the ventilation tower. The flight attendant prepared my sleeping bed as I changed into lounge wear at the lavatory. Being an AvGeek, I am always on the lookout for airlines taking delivery of new aircraft or launching new routes. My first impression of the new first class cabin: elegant, spacious, and distinguished. That’s how I had to roll. However, it didn’t bother me too much as the seat cushion and blankets were still comfortable. Also, does anyone know what the below is? Update: In the meantime ANA has introduced an all new first class suite — see here for a full review of that. The ottoman could also double as a buddy seat, should you want to dine face-to-face with a travel companion. Lucky, it’s Kisarazu Air Field (JGSDF – Camp Kisarazu). ANA famously serves Hibiki Suntory 21 Year Old Whisky in First Class, which we believe is presently the most opulent spirit offered on any airline. ANA First Class Suite Cabin and Seats. The wifi at the airport is lightning fast. Hope I can find an opportunity to fly ANA again. Am I right in guessing that means the HDMI port has been rendered inoperable? Soon after waking up I was asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink. They were all so superbly delicious that I didn’t waste anything, despite the quantity I ordered.