Board skills matrix An Excel tool designed to help boards assess the level of experience each director has in various skill areas, as well as the overall composition of the board as it relates to diversity. The Philanthropy Australia Board works hard to optimise Board composition for effective leadership and governance. C omplete the matrix … A Board Skills Matrix strengthens an organization’s overall governance practices by identifying the current skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities of current board members. This matrix may be used for different phases of the board recruitment process: C omplete the matri x for each current board member to map the skills and attributes of the existing board, and to identify any gaps /needs. Where are there significant gaps? The other danger is focusing on skills … Audit … More objective criteria. Board Skills Matrix Analysis The Board considers that its current composition reflects both an appropriate balance of executive and non-executive directors and the range of skills, knowledge and experience necessary to effectively govern and direct the organisation. A matrix provides a snapshot of what the current board brings to the table and identifies areas of skills that the board doesn’t have. of skills and attributes do you need on the board? Board Skills and Experience Matrix: Desired Skills … Skills Trap – though a matrix can help a board identify needed skills, such as “legal” or “finance,” such categories can be so broad that boards wind up with the wrong kind of expertise, like an employment lawyer when the actual need is about zoning. 4. Directors have extensive experience in transferrable skill … The board matrix helps you outline the current mix of skills, demographics, and expertise on your board and then compare it to the ideal mix you identified earlier. Nomination committees should strive to compose a board that has a strategic combination of knowledge, experience, personal attributes, competencies, connections, skills … This report provides a matrix … This document is an extract from the Wentworth Healthcare Board Skills Matrix … The ideal mix of director skills and experience depends on a number of company-specific factors. To this end, a skills, experience and diversity matrix was established to help understand the strengths of and gaps within the current Board, so we can ensure the Board … Achieving optimal board composition and succession planning requires an articulated and clearly communicated enterprise strategy. Once you … The second part of the matrix lists desired skills and experience. SKILLS MATRIX Board of Directors. The matrix is a relatively simple table that lists all board members along the top with a board’s view of the essential skills … The use of a skills matrix was described in the January 2016 Edition of On the board's agenda, “Board composition: Greater than the sum of its parts,” as one way to help determine the skills and other qualities needed in new directors.A skills matrix is not, however, a determinant of whether a board … This skills matrix is used to ensure the Wentworth Healthcare Limited Board has the right balance of directors to set and achieve the organisation’s strategic goals, and direct the organisation’s future. We look for directors with these skill sets, which ensure they can analyze issues effectively and make sound decisions.

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