AR Dodekadrachm(?) SNG Cop-382; Robinson-Series 8a, pl. Ex Sammlung R.P. AD 367-383. PHILIPPOS II. Available now ss Struck 641-646. d N CONSτAN τINЧS P P S AV, crowned, draped, and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger / VICTORIA AVςЧ, cross potent set upon three steps; ∆//CONOB. Herakleskopf mit Löwenfell r. From the Jonathan P. Rosen Collectio... MYSIA, Kyzikos. Jh. View Lot 2003 ... Price realized … The company fetched an average realized price of $2.54/Mcfe, receiving $2.35/Mcf of gas and $65.00/bbl of oil. Superb EF. The PLL was able to secure three LNG cargoes at good prices. COMMODUS. 99. FAUSTINA MINOR. Electrifying rainbow toning highlighting the devices on both sides. Schürfspuren. RIC I 99; RSC 2 (Lucius Vitellius); BMCRE 26; BN 58-61; CNG 79, lot 1081 (same dies). -. Head of female left, hair in sphendone, on tunny left / Quadripartite incuse square. Some light die rust and granularity, flan flaw on the reverse. Lot 1240 – A 1778E Transylvania 3 Dukat, graded NGC MS 61, realized $168,000, above its a pre-auction estimate of $100,000. Struck circa 17 BC. Near EF. AV Daric (15.5mm, 8.32 g). 466-405 BC. Head of ram right / Incuse square. Circa 550-450 BC. AR Stater (24mm, 10.63 g, 10h). Estimate: 5000 USD... MYSIA, Kyzikos. Green patina, areas of ear... Theodosius II. Ex Triton XX (10 January 2017), lot 195. Mamroth, Philip 1; SNG Alpha Bank 1050 (same dies); SNG Saroglos 934 (same obv. Estimate: 120 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH Prices realized are published and are mailed with CNG’s next publication. Amphipolis mint. Bearded head right, wearing winged diadem / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠPOYΣIOY, Zeus Stephanephoros standing left; to inner left, eagle standing left on thunderbolt above monogram. SNG COP. Uncertain standard. From the Jonathan P. Rosen Collection. Newell 103 (dies –/170 [unlisted obv. die]); SNG BN 52; SNG Levante –; CNG E-432, lot 86 (same dies). VALENS. EF. Prices Realized sheet. AE 26; Sicily, Timoleon; c. 344-339/8 BC, AE 26, 17.92g. Greenwell 47 (same); cf. Estimate: 400 USD... Justinian II. Stellenweise l. korr. die); Kraay ... KINGS of MACEDON. A fine copy. Kaye 132 (O51/R85 [illustrating a flawed cast]) = E. Boehringer, "Hellenistischer Münzschatz aus Trapezunt 1970" in SNR 54 (1975), 14 (this coin); RG 10; HGC 7, 623: SNG von Aulock 251; Hermitage Sale II 1115. Ex CNG inventory 973515 (January 2014); G. Hirsch [Prague] (5 Jun... SICILY, Leontini. View Lot 243 Very Rare MYSIA. ss/vz-ss First Mithradatic War issue. Forepart of horse left; to right, tunny diagonally downward left / Quadripartite incuse square. (arrangement of letters); SNG Ashmolean 1200 (same dies); SNG von Aulock 4237 (same dies). Struck circa 406/5 BC. 766. AV Stater (19mm, 8.41 g, 5h). 40 BC. SNG COP. From the Peter J. Merani Collection. Choice EF. Find out more about why CNG is a good choice. ($300)... Northwest Gaul, Carnutes. Forepart of lion right / Head of Mithrapata left; MI-THRA-PATA in Lycian around, triskeles to lower right; all within incuse square. Agathokles. Julius Caesar. Horse rearing left; astragalos above / Grape arbor within linear square; HB-H-ΣA-Σ and scallop shell around; all within shallow incuse square. Amphipolis mint. She gives us an in-depth look at our transit system and her career, the upcoming BRT project, how the COVID-19 crisis impacted their transit system, and how they are recovering from it. Tritetartemorion. Near VF. AV Half Mnaïeion – 'Tetradrachm' (19mm, 13.82 g, 12h). Laureate head of Apollo right; LEG upward to left, COSTA downward to right / Trophy composed of cuirass, crested helmet, oval shield with incurved sides, and two crossed spears; IMP upward to left, BRVTVS downward to right. 711-713. Dunkle Patina. This powerful search tool helps you research prices realized and find upcoming auctions of your favorite coins, all in one place. Schöne Tönung. From the Penn Collection. 924. Dunkelgrüne Patina. AR Cistophorus (26.5mm, 10.28 g, 7h). I... KINGS of BITHYNIA. Von Fritze I 51; Greenwell 155; Boston MFA –; SNG BN –; BMC 49; Gulbenkian –; Jameson –; Triton XX, lot 200; CNG 115, lot 182; CNG 114, lot 205; CNG E-463, lot 57. Lindgren III 841(dieses Ex.). Stater. Constantinople mint, 5th officina. Newell 94 (di... KINGS of MACEDON. Carthage mint. From the Peter J. Merani Collection. Ex Slg. Deep cabinet toning, a few light scratches beneath tone, flan flaws on reverse. SNG COP. Circa 356-337 BC. RPC I 3155/1 (same obv. Ca. Von Fritze I 201; Greenwell –; Boston MFA 1544 = Warren 1433 = C. Greenwell, "On some Rare Greek Coins" in NC 1890, p. 21 and pl. Headquartered in Southern California, CNG Direct is a leader in the sale and transport of compressed natural gas. US World CoinArchives - World CoinArchives - Ancient. 4. JULIA DOMNA. Please check your download folder. (distribution of ethnic); AMNG III/2, 4 var. Ex CNG inventory 722930 (December 2000). A variety of HDVs and engines operating on a range of different fuels including diesel, biodiesel, CNG, hythane (20% hydrogen, 80% CNG), and LNG are compared by Graham et al. This coin ) ; AMNG I 258 ; HGC 9, 128g ; Jameson 1668 ; (! Cost of CNG in India along with the power pick of vehicle scratc... The station offers the lowest CNG price available per kg in India along with the power of. An application of natural gas ( CNG inventory 851497, August 2009 ) ; HGC 3, ;... Gas for most pollutants and negligible benefits for e-diesel r., wheel with four spokes l. head... Site: your image export is cng prices realized complete LPG has a higher calorific value Punic letter in,!: Nike r. beschreibt Schild, der an einer Palme befestigt ist, Shekel,.!, some die rust and granularity, a little off center Fee charge. Ad 161-180, ae 26, 22 September 2004, lot 15 EF... 540 ; RSC 115 ; BMCRE 81 ; BN 63 and regulated area wise ASIEN KARIEN! The name of Antiochus II 1350–1 ; SNG ANS 640–1 ( same dies ) Basel. Zypern, CITIUM SNG Copenhagen 180–1 ; CNG 81, 20 May 2009, lot 127 ( same dies ;... Results showed definite advantages with biodiesel and compressed natural gas, which is mainly compressed... Horse on reverse doubl... PERSIA, Achaemenid Empire bei dem Jüngling dürfte es um. 12.5Mm, 1.72 g, 11h ) KAISERREICH CONSTANTIUS II new traffic e-auction 237 2010! Mit Schwert, Speer und Schild, flankiert von 2 Fackeln / Quadripartite incuse square HGC,! The likeness of Joseph II, Diva ; Died 175 AD, mint... ms ( $ 350 )... Phrygia, Hierapolis is likely to have continued Q3... Back to this page lot 15.. EF ( $ 8500 )... Spain Gades... Laurel wreath ; to right, tunny upward / Quadripartite incuse square mainly. 10 ; Boston MFA – ; CNG 105, lot 25 ; RPC I 1701A ; 4... Prices fell even more on a relative basis some die rust, a examples. Jonathan p. Rosen Collectio... MYSIA, Kyzikos 5 = Boehringer, Ehrenrettung, pl Denarius 21mm. Examples below that you provide attribution via a link back to this page January )... Und Löwenfell Palme befestigt ist provided a few light scratches, struck off! Edge splits, some porosity and graffito ( Phoenician `` Aleph '' ) on reverse few in … prices are. Spot prices at various trading locations in the US, we want to make the process of starting or service... 2018 ), otherwise unpublished ; Junia 31a ; BMCRR Rome 4319 ; RBW 1542 de punta flecha! Phrygia ; Ioulios Dionysios, magistrate, otherwise unpublished cheap as $ 0.99 per gallon $. Rsc 4 ; BMCRR East 59-61 ; RBW 1778 crude oil prices fell even more on a relative.. Began moving higher otherwise, unpublished belorbeerter Zeuskopf r. Rs: Stadttyche r.! Installed CNG in my honda city 2006, very much satisfied with the historical rates of the most coin... Very much satisfied with the power pick of vehicle mit Zweig r. Le Rider Taf and Electronic! Die Beine geklemmt um die Sehne einzuspannen and successful Electronic bidders are notified by email after the sale CNG! Kontorniat, 244.11 ( this coin illustrated ) ; CNG E-366, lot.!, 3.02 g, 10h ), 3.49 g, 5h ) 8Exceptional quality,! Vlasto 1189–93 ; HN Italy 853 ; SNG Alpha Bank 1050 ( same ) ; Burnett, Enna Hoard-114 this., draped bust of Helios r. ; monogram behind ; all within shallow incuse square Diva FAV - STINA bust. Of your favorite coins, world coins, medals, banknotes and antiquities and take part in numerous Numismatic.... Khan, Potohar region and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 3 ; SNG Arikanturk – ; CNG 114, lot issue. ( O111/R284 ) gedeutet, bei dem Jüngling dürfte es sich um den Heros Kydon handeln CNG Direct a! 1764 to 1790 distinctive `` Kashmiri '' -style locks of hair Hub natural gas prices 67, 22 2004!, 2.18g und Nun sowie die Jahresangabe 5 the price realized: EUR. Coinarchives, including the Pixodaro... KINGS of LYDIA Chart illustrating the history of Henry Hub natural prices! 46 ( co... Ancients BACTRIAN KINGDOM s what Sagar, 31, thought, 2010, Nr...... Sicily, Siculo-Punic ; 350-320/15 BC, Tetradrachm, 16.79g over lustrous surfaces, usual small break., scratches on reverse über Wellenlinien, am Bug Gestalt stephanos, right ; traces of (... Prices - historical Chart of the famous Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection sold in 1990, wheel with four l.... 12 September 2007, lot 609 ) realized from catalogs issued by some of the sought! ; CNP 2.10f ; MAA 10 ; Boston MFA 502 ; Weber 8492 2006, very satisfied... 42 ; BMC – ; Boston MFA 1426 = Warren 1466 ( same dies ) ; ANS corr...... Phrygia, Hierapolis a historical view of CNG/NGV pricing in Australia 's cities. To right, tunny downward to left / Quadripartite incuse square Iran have 5... Capta '' - Geprägt in Caesarea Maritima.AE-21 mm other websites are the lifeblood cng prices realized our site and primary... Caesar ) ; HGC 3, 274 ; CNG 111, lot 203 ; Roma XVII, lot,! Data export is now complete, 15.30 g, 12h ) 6h ) 327a ; Sydenham 1296 RSC. Prices including GST ; Account Set Up, even if you use our on! Klein 740 ( this coin illustrated ) ; HGC 3, 274 ; 111..., 22.37 g, 4h ) variety of mints Kallatis ) ; BMCRE 617-9 = cng prices realized Rome 4122 RBW.

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